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new basement windows

A playroom for the kids, a place to work out, a multi-media room or the ultimate man cave; however you use it, your basement offers lots of great additional square footage. Whether or not you have a bedroom in the basement, an enlarged basement window can transform your space and increase the overall health and safety of your home.


The home should always be designed with its people in mind– all rooms should be inviting and comfortable! But even the most luxurious basements can go unused due to the dark, isolated environment. You can counteract this by enlarging your windows or adding new windows in the space. Natural light adds warmth and comfort to any room, and studies have also shown that natural light improves moods, lessens the symptoms of depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder, and reduces fatigue!


Enlarging windows in basement bedrooms ensures your property stays in compliance with the Health and Safety egress requirements for your area. But fire safety isn’t just for bedrooms – adding or enlarging windows throughout the basement drastically increase your chances of safe escape in case of a fire and allows additional points of entry for emergency personal in any life-threatening situation. Modern window designs also offer enhanced security features not found on the out-dated windows commonly used in basements.


As basements are, by definition, underground– many homeowners struggle with poor air circulation. Enlarged windows are a great way to add a breath of fresh air to your basement. On average, egress windows are 40% larger than builder standard windows. By enlarging just one window, you’re allowing up to 40% more natural air flow into your basement! This can help to regulate temperature and moisture levels and reduce impurities in the air you breathe.


Enlarged basement windows can greatly increase the property value of your home. As an added bonus, our new vinyl windows are all Energy Star rated for Calgary’s harsh climate – this means long term savings on your monthly utility bills!

Call Marcotte Glass today, and find out how we can help take your basement from dungeon darkness to a bright and beautiful living space!

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