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The business world has come a long way since the days of endless, fabric-walled cubicles stretching from wall-to-wall. These dreary, oppressive spaces have been revealed to be detrimental to employees’ morale and productivity. Modern offices make use of beautiful design elements and people-pleasing functionality. Consult Marcotte’s list below for a sampling of benefits you can add to your workplace thanks to interior glass.

#5: Break On Through

We hear about transparency in commerce and government in the news, but we’re not talking in business terms! Clear, glass walls in an office allow natural light to filter throughout the workplace while creating a more open-air environment. Companies with open floorplans have shown increased openness and honesty among their employees.

#4: Express Yourself

Framed or frameless; clear or tinted; fogged, glazed or textured– the options are endless! Interior glass can be customized endlessly to imbue it with subtle beauty or even make bold statements. Employees are proven to be more efficient and motivated when working in visually attractive surroundings.

#3: Take It Easy

Once installed, interior glass can be maintained and cleaned with relatively little effort. Durable and long lasting, a glass fixture or wall will keep its sleek, modern appearance for years to come. Encourage your workforce’s industriousness with glass walls or features: it is a low-impact material with high-impact looks.

#2: Sky’s The Limit

Combining interior glass with other materials can create a unique, striking work environment. Wood, metal, brick, stone– everything looks good with glass! Update a classic look or make your contemporary design stand out even more by adding glass design elements. You and your employees’ imaginations will run wild in a stylish and atmospheric ambience.

#1: Let The Sun Shine In

The benefits of natural light in a workplace cannot be overstated. Sunlight activates vitamin D production and circadian rhythms–boosting wakefulness, mood and workplace efficiency. Glass walls or features are an excellent way to harness the beauty of natural light.

Ready To Get Started?

Are you designing or renovating a workplace, business space or office? Contact or visit Marcotte Glass today for a full rundown and assessment of your interior glass options. Our experts will consult with your needs to find the perfect design element or feature to take your work environment to the next level.

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