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Glass table and modern chairs in the dining roomFurniture like tables and tabletops are traditionally made of wood, but exotic options have become more popular in recent years. Rare or reclaimed lumber, stone, plastic and metal are just some modern choices– yet almost all of these styles integrate glass in some way! Why is glass so popular? Read on for Marcotte’s guide to glass tables, tabletops and protectors.


Unlike a lot of the aforementioned materials, glass is extremely easy to clean. Regular dusting and the occasional wipe down with cleaner or soapy water is all it takes to keep glass surfaces looking their best. Glass is also durable– resistant to scratches, staining and other wear-and-tear that is much more harmful to other materials.


Glass can be cut to any size or shape, whether you are creating an original idea or covering an existing surface. All tables, tabletops and protectors made of glass are almost infinitely customizable– anything from colour to opacity and much more! Tailoring a glass surface to your personal style is easy when you work with Marcotte.


The versatility of glass is one of the material’s best features. A broken or damaged surface can be reassembled and placed under a glass tabletop to give it a new lease on life. Textured or reflective glass can highlight or accentuate an otherwise boring piece of furniture.


Glass tabletops and protectors are excellent ways to preserve your existing furniture without covering up its beauty. A glass surface provides an easy-to-clean layer of protection, making spills and stains a thing of the past.

If you think your home or business is missing something, consider a glass table or tabletop for a subtle way to add design and style. If you have old furniture or precious antiques, glass protectors will keep them safe and beautiful for years to come. Contact or visit Marcotte Glass today, our experts are standing by!

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