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rubble in the restoration and renovation of old buildings

If you have built or renovated a house, you may be familiar with the necessity of “egress compliant” windows. Whether or not you know what those terms mean, there are government regulations that ensure these windows are installed when needed. For a crash course in egress compliance and safety windows, consult Marcotte Glass’ guide below!


No, it’s not a bird, a mad scientist’s assistant or a type of female troll– egress is an uncommon term widely used in legal and civic documents. Simply defined, egress is the action of going out or leaving a place. In regards to home safety laws: egress is applied to fixtures that allow for a safe exit from your home during an emergency.


The second part of the term– compliance– is another slightly obscure word used most often in legal documentation. To comply means to obey or go along with something; in this case, you must comply with any Municipal, Provincial and Federal building codes. These regulate the size, shape and hardware of windows to be used as emergency exits (or even as entrances for firefighters).


Egress compliance is often just another “must-do” among the many regulations and requirements of building a new home. On the other hand, older homes may not meet all standards due to the era in which they were built. Renovations may also have replaced egress compliant windows with less appropriate alternatives. Consult with a home inspector or the experts at Marcotte Glass to determine if your windows are up to code.


With so many suppliers and outlets, it can be hard to narrow down a qualified contractor for your window needs. Marcotte Glass stands out from the rest by offering second-to- none customer service, a wide array of egress compliant products, and the most knowledgeable staff in the industry. We offer free, in-depth assessments of your project and we always cater our services to match your exact needs.

If you need to review the safety compliance of your windows or you are planning a renovation project, contact or visit Marcotte Glass today. Our staff is standing by to help you achieve your vision, while ensuring it meets all egress compliance regulations.

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