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If you have experienced drafty, foggy or otherwise damaged windows, you were likely advised one of two things: a) you should replace your windows, or b) you should replace your ‘sealed units.’ The latter is often proposed as a cost effective alternative to a full-on replacement– but what is best for you? Consult Marcotte Glass’ guideline below to inform your decision.

Sealed Unit

A sealed unit refers to the glass (or glazing) portion of the window. It sits inside the frame of your window, usually consisting of two panes of glass built around a pocket of air. A plastic, metal or rubber spacer is run around the frame to seal and separate the glass.

Full Window

A full window includes a frame, a sealed unit and hardware. Vinyl, wood and aluminum are all common types of frames. Sealed units include glass and a sealed pocket of air (see above). Hardware comes in all shapes, sizes and functionalities.

When To Replace A Sealed Unit…

If your windows are less than 15 years old and in good condition, but you are experiencing fogging between the panes of glass, sealed unit replacements are a cost effective solution.  Sealed unit replacements are also done in cases where the glass is broken but the window frame is not damaged.

When A New Sealed Unit Is Not Enough…

Sometimes a sealed unit replacement may not be the answer to your problem. The following are some signs that a full window replacement might be what you need:

  • If your existing window frames are rotten, damaged or warped
  • If your existing windows are currently using single pane glazing
  • If your home is drafty and cold through the winter months (typically caused by a combination of warped/damaged frames, deteriorating caulking/sealants, and/or single pane glazing).

Marcotte Glass is fully equipped and trained to provide both full window replacements and ‘sealed unit’ replacements. Our staff can assess your property and provide qualified advice on your best course of action. Contact or visit us today!

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