Custom kitchen backsplash with back painted glass Marcotte Glass is happy to offer our customers a diverse range of products and services. With options in glass thickness, edge finishing, patterns and obscurity, tints and shapes, we’re able to provide glass for almost any home project, including:

Glass Shelving

Provides a clean, modern look for any room in your home. All shelves are custom made to meet your unique needs. Our numerous glass options combined with a wide variety of hardware ensures you’ll find the perfect product for your shelving needs.

Cabinet Door Inserts

Combine functionality with class! Our wide variety of pattern and obscure glass options can match the style and add definition to any kitchen cupboard or display case door.

Glass Back-splashes

Our custom designed glass back-splashes are a great way to add style and functionality to your kitchen. While comparable in price to most decorative tile options, back-painted glass offers some unique benefits:

  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Endless design and customization options. The glass is custom painted using almost any color you can imagine.
Table Tops and Protectors

Glass toppers are a great way to keep all your furniture looking brand new! Our pieces are custom made and can be cut to fit the most uniquely shaped tables. They are great for kitchen or dining room tables, end tables, desks, office boardroom tables and more! We also provide tempered table top glass – these custom pieces can be made to replace broken or scratched glass tops, or combined with your own base to make your own one-of-a-kind table or desk. With a wide variety of edgework finishing, thicknesses, tints and patterns to choose from, we can help make your table as unique as you are!