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decorative mirror in a homeWhen decorating a home, your options are endless! It doesn’t matter if your project is a house, condo, suite, vacation property or any other space– Marcotte Glass can help elevate your sense of design. Glamorous or cost-friendly, traditional or exotic, even a mash-up of all of the above; mirrors are one of our staff’s favourite staples when interior decorating. Keep reading for our guide to integrating mirrors and how they can reflect your best side.

#1: Centre of attention

One of the easiest ways to get the most out of your reflective surface is to use it as a conversation piece. By anchoring your mirror as the focal point of a room, your family and guests will be drawn to the carefully chosen features and details. Mirrors reflect light and motion that catch the eye, helping them stand out against themes and décor.

#2: One eye on the mirror

Vanity gets a bad rap– taking pride in the way you look boosts confidence and helps you stand out from the crowd. Don’t discount the convenience and perspective of a large or even full-length mirror. Many attractive and modern styles can enhance the functionality of your reflective surface.

#3: Cover-up

If you have a wall with old nail and tack holes, unsightly panels or switches or any other imperfection you’d rather keep out of sight– cover it with a mirror! Reflective surfaces come in any array of size and shape, but they are more simple and cost-effective than art or other wall hangings.

#4: A new perspective

Magicians and con-men have long been associated with “smoke and mirrors,” but what does this have to do with your home’s décor? Mirrors create an illusion that the room they hang in are larger than what meets the eye. Careful placement can help give some big ideas to you and your small space.

#5: See the light

Mirrors, like any polished or reflective surface, work when light bounces off of them. A well-placed mirror can expand the quantity and quality of your home’s light sources. Higher levels of natural light are good for your health and can boost productivity.

If you want to add a mirror to your décor or plan a renovation around a striking reflective surface, contact or visit Marcotte Glass today!

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