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The privacy of home might encourage you to keep your shades drawn and windows shut– sometimes it can be comforting to make the world go away. Also, with more attention being paid to interior design or safety standards, it is easy to overlook the beauty of natural light and the value of well-placed windows. Read on for Marcotte’s guide to the benefits of natural light and increased airflow in your home or property.

Let The Light Shine In

While light fixtures and their placement are important for a home or property, you should not underestimate the simple beauty that comes with natural light. Below is a summary of the advantages and benefits of natural light:

  • Relying on natural sources of light saves money on utility costs;
  • Natural light is medically proven to boost your mood, immune system and overall health;
  • Well-lit rooms help prevent accidents and eyestrain.

You can increase the amount of natural light in your property by trying some of the following steps:

  • Keep curtains and shades open during the day;
  • Do not obscure your windows with furniture or other bulky items;
  • Place mirrors across from windows to diffuse light throughout the home;
  • Consider adding French doors or sliding, glass doors.

It’s A Breeze

Air inside the home may seem “cleaner” than the air outside, but it simply is not the case. The longer your property is kept sealed from the outside air, the more impurities such as mold spores, dust mites and pet dander you will experience. Opening your windows for even 15 minutes per day will allow outside air to circulate, reducing the overall concentration of particles in the air. Here are some advantages of airing out your property:

  • Less impurities mean easier breathing, especially for asthma and allergy sufferers;
  • Fresh air is medically proven to boost your mood, mental acuity and digestion, while reducing stress;
  • Regular circulation helps reduce the wear and tear on air filters and other HVAC systems.

Here are some easy practices to ensure your property has fresh air to spare:

  • Install windows that open wide or slide open completely;
  • Invest in good window screens so you can keep your windows open longer, while keeping bugs or other critters out (and your pets inside);
  • Consider an in-frame air conditioner or mounted fan to boost circulation;
  • Ceiling-mounted fans are another attractive way to keep fresh air moving throughout your property.

The above guide is only a summary of the benefits of natural light and fresh air in your home or property. If you have any questions or concerns, contact the friendly experts at Marcotte Glass. We are standing by to offer our advice based on years of experience– trust the professionals at Marcotte!

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