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Sometimes people forget that glass can offer privacy as well. There are a range of glass patterns and tints that allow you to add style while still offering a touch of elusiveness. If you’re looking into getting a custom glass piece created, consider adding a pattern or tint to your glass for added style and functionality. Read on to learn about some of the most popular glass pattern and tint options on the market today.

Bronze Glass

Bronze glass is known for its dark-tint, which allows it to be both protective and visually pleasing.

Benefits of bronze glass:

  • adds a layer of privacy to the room
  • reduces glare
  • energy efficient

The dark tint creates a warm, neutral look that adds subtle richness to any building. This type of glass can be used both indoors and outdoors, and the bronze hue complements brick and stone facades nicely. Bronze glass is highly versatile, and can be used for any glass project, from doors to shelves to storefronts.

Grey Glass

Grey glass is another tinted glass that helps to restrict or reduce light transmission. The cool grey appearance offers a different, more modern visual look from bronze glass. Although it can be used for any type of glass project, it is generally used for windows or storefronts.

Benefits of grey glass:

  • prevents fading of furniture, carpeting, etc.
  • adds a level of privacy
  • reduces glare
  • provides a cooler indoor temperature

Because grey glass softens daylight and reduces glare, it’s a great option for windows near computers or screens.

Narrow Reed Glass

Narrow reed glass is a clear, semi-transparent glass that has slightly raised vertical reed impressions that create texture in the glass. This type of glass is best suited for areas where light is wanted, but not full visibility. Laundry rooms, pantries and offices are all great examples of where narrow reed glass may be used.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass, also known as etched glass, is created by sandblasting or acid etching a clear sheet of glass. It allows you the same effect as narrow reed, pinhead or niagara glass — offering privacy while still letting light through.

Pinhead Glass

Pinhead glass is the most cost effective option when you are looking for both privacy and natural light. Pinhead glass is used in everything from cupboards to showers to washroom windows. Its versatility and comparatively low price make this one of the most popular pattern glass options. Known also as perforated glass, it’s made by creating tiny holes in a sheet of glass. The use of a roller produces diffusion, which blurs the transparency of the glass.

Niagara Glass

Niagara glass gets its name from its long, ripple-like pattern; it’s sometimes referred to as Rain glass. It’s created by pressing semi-molten glass between two metal rollers that imprint the pattern. Niagara glass works great for showers or office doors.

Ready To Get Started?

If one of these patterns or tints sparked your imagination, give Marcotte glass a call! We handle all pattern and tint options and will work with you to make your glass dream a reality!

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