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modern frameless showerNothing compares to the elegance and style of a modern, frameless glass shower— but after a while, it may lose a little of its original sparkle. Don’t worry! Marcotte is here to help. Follow our tips below and your glass shower will be shining in no time. Even better, we can help prevent stains and build-up from forming. Good upkeep, care and maintenance will have your bathroom looking its best for years to come. Read on for more!


Get in the habit of cleaning your shower after every use. It may sound like a lot of work, but it will actually save time and frustration in the long-run. Use a small handheld squeegee to wipe down the walls after each shower, replacing the blade as needed. This prevents the nasty build-up that you hate to scrub on cleaning day.


Once a week give your shower walls a good scrub with a sponge, cleaning pad or cloth soaked in warm water and a light cleaning solution. Skip the solvents and avoid the abrasives– all you need is diluted dish soap and maybe a little vinegar (unless you have stone surfaces). Make sure your sponge or cleaning pad is made from a soft, non-abrasive material.


A homemade shower freshener can also help keep things bright and inviting, without the use of harsh chemicals or wasteful gadgets. Use the recipe for the above cleaning solution, but try adding your favourite aromatic herb or essential oil. Use a spray bottle, mist your shower doors lightly after use and hit them with the squeegee!


If you’ve got an eye for detail, you may notice unpleasant build-up around the metal frame or hardware of a glass shower door. Cleaning this is easy! Simply recycle an old toothbrush– use it to scrub out all the nooks and crannies every once and a while. Also if you have a hard water or soap scum stain on a glass surface, a very carefully used razor can often scrape it off.

Are you interested in a glass shower, but worried about upkeep? Do you currently have glass surfaces that you just can’t get back to the spotless condition you saw in the showroom? Contact or visit Marcotte Glass today! Our expert staff are standing-by with more tips and strategies to help you get the most out of your glass shower.

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