STAY GLASSY: Glass Tables, Tabletops & Protectors

Posted by on Jun 6, 2016 in blog

Furniture like tables and tabletops are traditionally made of wood, but exotic options have become more popular in recent years. Rare or reclaimed lumber, stone, plastic and metal are just some modern choices– yet almost all of these styles integrate glass in some way! Why is glass so popular? Read on for Marcotte’s guide to…Read More Here!

5 Benefits of Interior Glass in Your Office

Posted by on May 9, 2016 in blog

The business world has come a long way since the days of endless, fabric-walled cubicles stretching from wall-to-wall. These dreary, oppressive spaces have been revealed to be detrimental to employees’ morale and productivity. Modern offices make use of beautiful design elements and people-pleasing functionality. Consult Marcotte’s list below for a sampling of benefits you can…Read More Here!

What Does it Mean to Have an ‘Egress Compliant’ Window?

Posted by on Apr 25, 2016 in blog

If you have built or renovated a house, you may be familiar with the necessity of “egress compliant” windows. Whether or not you know what those terms mean, there are government regulations that ensure these windows are installed when needed. For a crash course in egress compliance and safety windows, consult Marcotte Glass’ guide below!…Read More Here!

Learn About Windows: Low-E & Argon Gas

Posted by on Mar 28, 2016 in blog

Energy efficiency is an increasingly important factor in many of our major shopping decisions – everything from toilets to major appliances to vehicles are being designed with more and more attention to efficient functionality. The same is especially true for windows. Studies have shown that 18% to 20% of a home’s heat loss can be…Read More Here!

Tempered VS. Annealed Glass

Posted by on Mar 14, 2016 in blog

The term tempered glass is something many of us have heard. But what does it really mean? How does it compare to annealed glass? And how do you know what product is best for your project? Read on for Marcotte’s guide to these unique products. What is Annealed Glass? Annealing is the process of slowly…Read More Here!

CUSTOM MIRRORS: Inspiration & Ideas

Posted by on Feb 29, 2016 in blog

From helping you get ready for work in the morning, to making a room look and feel larger, mirrors have many uses. Depending on your space, a standard size mirror may not meet your needs. This is where Marcotte Glass can help! Our expert team will create a custom mirror that ensures you get exactly…Read More Here!

4 Reasons to Enlarge or Upgrade Your Basement Windows

Posted by on Feb 15, 2016 in blog

A playroom for the kids, a place to work out, a multi-media room or the ultimate man cave; however you use it, your basement offers lots of great additional square footage. Whether or not you have a bedroom in the basement, an enlarged basement window can transform your space and increase the overall health and…Read More Here!

Sealed Unit Replacements VS. Full Window Replacements

Posted by on Feb 1, 2016 in blog

If you have experienced drafty, foggy or otherwise damaged windows, you were likely advised one of two things: a) you should replace your windows, or b) you should replace your ‘sealed units.’ The latter is often proposed as a cost effective alternative to a full-on replacement– but what is best for you? Consult Marcotte Glass’…Read More Here!